We accept VISA, Mastercard, Amex & afterpay. All payments are processed immediately in AUD$ (Australian Dollars). We do not accept cheques. Orders can be placed online or via phone +61 7 5351 1400.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have a bricks & mortar store that I can visit?
    • Unfortunately we no longer have a bricks & mortar store available to the public. We continue to trade online as we have done for 20+ years.
    I placed an order with a pre-order item, when will it arrive?
    • If your order includes a pre-order item, your item won't be shipped until all items are in stock. If you would prefer to receive your available now stock now and your pre-order item when it arrives we suggest you place 2 separate orders.
    I placed an order and selected express post, when will I receive my order?
    • When selecting express shipping option, this is for the shipping component, not the processing. Orders are processed on a first come first serve basis and the express shipping component will simply get the parcel from our shipping department to your door quicker. Tracking information will be supplied once your order is shipped.
    Which Needles should I use for English Paper Piecing?
    • We use a Sue Daley Milliners needle. These are available in 5 sizes. 9, 10, 11, 12 & 15. The higher the number the longer & finer the needle. All needles have a large gold eye. We recommend the size 11 or 15 however if you struggle to thread your needle try a size 10 as the eye is slightly larger.
    What Thread should I use for English Paper Piecing?
    • We recommend using Wonderfil Decobob Thread which is a polyester thread. it is fine & strong which is required when english paper piecing as we are constantly running the thread across the top of the card which weakens the thread. 
    What do I do if I'm struggling to thread my needle?
    • We always recommend that you thread your needle over something white. 
    • Our needles have been tested with both the Sewline Needle threader & the Hummingbird Needle threader both are available in our store.
    • Try either a size 10 or 9 which both have slightly larger eyes than size 11, 12 & 15.
    How do I remove my papers and what do I do if I'm struggling to remove them?
    • When you have finished your work take it to the ironing board and press. You can start removing your papers as you go or at the end of your work. We recommend doing this as you go as it isn't such a big job at the end and it makes it easier to handle your work when you don't have so many papers to handle too. In most cases if you are struggling to pull the fabric away from your pre-cut shapes too much glue has been used. We recommend using the side of the glue pen when gluing your shapes and also keeping the line of glue in from the edge to avoid the build-up of glue along the edge of the shape.
    • If in the case you have used too much glue then simply use a steam iron to loosen your glue and the fabric will pull away easily. We do also recommend using the glue pen with the Sue Daley brand of papers as the papers have a silk coating which we use with the glue pen to make it easier to pull your fabric away from your card.
    • Sue Daley has many fantastic tutorial that we recommend you watching if you haven’t already. Click HERE! to view the top 10 tips to English Paper Piecing.